Wisdom Is more Than that is important Knowledge

Is knowledge a far more important characteristic than knowledge, if you were to inform me that, We’d tell you; wiser words had been never ever talked – and I’d inform you that I agree with that certain – knowledge may be the power to make use of universal truths across domains, garnered from experience enabling many viable choices dancing regardless of brand new area or undertaking you enter. But what is knowledge? Is it the famous quotes we study from our forefathers?

In a few regards we have to challenge the quotes that are famous because they do not work with all circumstances. Chinese proverbs will probably be dangerous for the leadership that is chinese the long run, why? Maybe you could say it well, we need a new way of thinking if you quoted Einstein. But here is a conundrum. Einstein said; “Question Authority” but I shall operate and get; “WHY?” We wonder in the event that trained instructor authority if so would like to drug me personally with big pharma medications for ADHD for daring to question?

So what is Wisdom, What is Knowledge, because much of just what was passed away off as Wisdom isn’t and much regarding the fact and knowledge we think we realize is; Wrong.

Ronald Reagan once reported; “It is maybe not that one other part is not smart, they have been, it’s just that they know so things that are many simply aren’t therefore.”

Which is most likely why we state we need to show people to THINK and in thinking, reasoning, questioning, they’ll develop wisdom, instead of being drones, with knowledge pummeled to their skulls that are little and specifically tailored to ensure they submit to authority, regrettably generally the authority is false, the emperor is not wearing anything of value.

The problem that is biggest for the reason that is in fact that our present academic system was created to get peoples minds early and help them learn to submit to authority – get everybody for a passing fancy page and prepare them for the workforce. Them to think too much, we will have too many chiefs and not enough Indians, but with the future of robotics, and AI, we may not need all those huge populations of rank-and-file workers anymore anyway if we teach.

The truth is that people are training our generations to come now for jobs that don’t exist yet, as well as the knowledge we’ve discovered in the past may not be applicable as time goes on, but knowledge is something which never ever is out of design, nor does the necessity and capacity to think at higher levels. Therefore, please think on all this ok?