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Jake’s Moving and Storage: The Story of My Grandparents

My grandad, ever the adventurer, chose the Ellis Island route when he journeyed to this country. His parents were strict and he was subjected to proper discipline each and every day. You could see it all in the pictures. When you viewed the photographs, you would think that smiling was beyond the capabilities of this young man. He was a good person nonetheless, despite his upbringing.

Sam was then discharged from the Navy after falling ill to pneumonia. When a disease becomes so drastic that a portion of one’s lung has to be removed, you definitely can’t help but be concerned. Not long after this happened, however, the guy was able to adjust perfectly with life. The challenges of growing old didn’t bother this individual as he was really determined to make a life for himself.

In his journey, he met a beautiful and very smart lady in the form of my grandmother. He looked at her from the other side of the room and just knew she was the one. He confidently told a friend of his that she was the person he was marrying.

This is truly an amazing story that touched our hearts in more ways than one. This wonderful story was told to us as we were gathered in the foot of our grandad’s bed. His pneumonia was in full force yet again and this time we knew it would be so much worse.

Such is the way of the world and sometimes you simply have to accept it. My grandfather was strong and he would soon be journeying to a happier place – one that was free from pain and suffering.

It was almost a decade ago when my grandmother passed. The place where they used to live, High Point Furniture Market, had become our home. Our home was simply rented out while we were off living our lives. My mother’s old bedroom was where I prepared for prom night. A heart attack then took my mother’s life a couple of months later. She was buried on Mother’s Day much to our dismay.

My grandfather was a conservative Catholic. After he and my grandmother married, however, they both decided to become Methodists. The family heritage which they began exists today in me and my babies.

The decision on where to live wasn’t lost on my grandparents. Jake’s Moving & Storage didn’t exist back then so they had to make do of what they had. Logistical decisions were made on their own. The moving process is a great way for you to get to know who you are and who your spouse is. After a lot of searching, they finally decided to settle in my grandma’s home.