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A Guide to Surveying.

Surveying or land surveying is the technique for determining point position on the earth, their angles, and the distance between them. The ancient Egyptians are historically recorded to have used surveying even before they constructed the pyramids. Land surveys became an essential element of civil law such that surveying records were kept out of necessity.

Land survey is a scientific method of research that has mathematical, geometrical, physics, and law properties. The various categories of surveys bear specific significance to certain fields. For instance, topographical surveys are important to cartographers and geologists since they help in the creation of elevation maps.

Surveys essential in the construction of a new project. It is also a useful tool in property litigations, and real estate and mortgage transactions. In the legal world, surveys are used in making decisions on boundaries.

The are various classifications of surveys used in verification of boundaries. The different classifications of surveys are among subdivision surveys, the American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey, inspection survey, cadastral survey, GPS survey, boundary survey, and mortgage inspection.

When you are purchasing land it is always essential to conduct a survey first. This is so because you are entitled to the knowledge about easements, any encroachment issue, and the boundary lines. A land survey will serve to assist you to know the exact location of the land you intend to buy. Additionally, a land survey will help you define your boundaries while setting up a fence.

The equipment and tools that are used in surveying today are much more sophisticated than they were in earlier times. These tools and equipment are among others the surveyor’s wheel, GPS tool, theodolite, and laser levels. Laser levels are used for measuring the levels of elevations. Besides that, theodolites will be used in finding mathematical solutions relating to elevation angles and the height of distant objects. On their part GPS tools are position locators of precise points on the map. The purpose of the surveyor’s wheel is to compute distance.

Surveying tools and equipment are readily available in the market today. Knowing the brand is also a point of utmost importance in ensuring that surveying equipment is the best. A good example of these brands that you may chose to trust for all your surveying equipment needs, is AGS. Find out more about them and others in your area before making a choice to purchase an equipment.

The costs associated with surveying are dependent on the type of survey used, the type of land, and the available documentation. Having current copies of the title and deed of the home will also help to reduce the costs for surveying.

You should look out for the experience and competencies of various surveyors while choosing one.

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