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Guide to Getting Commercial Trucking Permits

The transport industry is one of the main contributors to the national Gross Domestic Product, hence very essential. Other than generating revenue to the government, the industry is a key employer and source of income to many people. There are different industries in the main transport industry; however, this article offers guides on how to obtain a commercial trucking permit. The trucking industry has numerous regulation, hence before a truck company can begin its operations, there are certain factors that it need to have fulfilled and cleared with the governing body. The following are the essential steps necessary for to get a commercial trucking permit.

The authorities require those wishing to operate heavy commercial trucks to first apply for a commercial driver’s license. The primary step to getting a commercial trucking company begins by ensuring that your company’s drivers have valid driver’s licenses. It is good to ensure that the drivers have undergone training, registered for truck driving exams and training before they are issued with a valid driver’s license.
In addition, it is vital to apply for a motor carrier authority number. It is essential for truck companies to have the motor carries authority numbers before they are permitted to haul cargo. Truck companies need to ensure that they have the DOT numbers since the authorities rely on the numbers to track a company’s safety record and compliance with regulations. The authority numbers are vital since it shows the type of commodity that a truck company specialize in transporting. However, companies need to ensure that they have first obtained a Motor Carrier Identification Report before they are issued with both the DOT number and the motor authority identification number.

The other vital requirement is the unified carrier registration. Truck companies from different states have different unified carrier registration since it shows the insurance coverage of the state where a company operate. Besides, it is vital to get an international registration plan tag before your trucks are allowed to operate in all states. Another critical factor to consider before getting a commercial trucking permits is to pay attention to the application of tax regulations. Another critical document before being getting a commercial trucking permit is the international fuel tax agreement. Companies need to get the fuel tax agreement since it shoes the report on the fuel consumed by truck from different companies in some states. Truck companies need to ensure that their trucks are allowed to operate in different states. The regulating authorities also require the truck companies to get a standard carrier alpha code which identify different transportation companies. Once a truck company has fulfilled all the requirements of the authorities, they will be issued with a commercial trucking permit.

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