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Ketogenic Diet For The Ultimate Photogenic Body

Ever heard of keto? What in the world is keto and why is important? Keto, in simple terms is the process in which you sort of trick your body into thinking it needs to break down body fat in order to obtain and replenish energy instead of using carbs. Keto diet has been around for years and is now taking the whole world by storm.

Here’s the science behind it.

For this whole process to work, you need to be in a ketogenic state where you need to be ingesting more quantities of fat, little bit of protein, but absolutely no carbs in your diet. To give you a picture, you will need a ratio of 80% fat in your diet and 20% of that is protein only, absolutely no carbs please. You need to follow this diet for the first two days. When you’ve achieved such a state, you will now have to shift ratios and should now take at least 30% protein, more or less 65% fat, and the rest is whatever you choose to eat. An increase in protein is vital to help spare muscle tissue. An increase in carbohydrate intake means an increase in production of insulin, which helps in the storing of amino acids, glycogen, and excess calories and turning them into fat. Therefore, it is common sense to stop putting too much carbs in your body so it doesn’t store unwanted fat that will not only ruin your figure, but also cause some serious potential health risks.

Now that carbs are out of the picture, your body will now have to find other sources of energy – your fat. Excess fat. Did you say you wanted to burn some fast and effectively? Well, now you can and it’s not even invasive or dangerous! You are not only burning fat, but you are training your body to use fat as its main energy source. This is called ketosis. This is absolutely the state you want to have you body be in if you want to lose fat and maintain muscle growth.

But of course, that isn’t the end of the road in your ketogenic diet journey. From here on, you will need to plan your diet. In this diet, you should take at least a gram of protein for every pound of lean mass daily. This is beneficial in the repain and recovery of muscle tissue after your workout sessions at the gym or sports training. To illustrate how the ratio works – if you weigh at least 180 pounds of lean mass, then it follows that you take in 180 grams of protein everyday. That is 720 calories which means the rest of your calories should only come from fat.

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