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How To Maintain A Chimney

Cozying up all around your fireplace can be the most incredible way to enjoy a chilly winter evening with your loved ones. However, you will need to be careful cleaning your fireplace as they can pose a severe health complication to your loved ones.

Most researchers have associated residential fires with failed chimneys. Chimney failure is brought about by accumulated dirt inside it. What is more, dirty chimneys can cause small, unnoticeable fires that can interfere with the structural integrity of the chimney itself. These fires can be potentially risky, and you might not even be aware of them.

If you have plans to clean your chimney but do not know where to start, you should not worry yourself as this article will give you the insights you need on how to safely clean your precious chimney.

First, it is essential that you know what is in your chimney. You should know what you are trying to do away with.

One of the main culprits on your chimney is the creosote. Creosote is a tar-like material that gets accumulated when you burn your firewood. Creosote is health hazard. It can cause respiratory problems and can irritate your skin as well.

At times, you will find the birds’ or squirrel’s nests on your chimney. The twigs and leaves that you find in there can ignite fatal fires – and you can even lose your home into fires.

When cleaning your chimney, it is essential that you have the right tools. Use of inappropriate tools will lead to damages on your chimney and can injure you as well.

It is essential that you protect your eyes. You need to put on a face mask and safety glasses when cleaning your chimney. These safety gears will prevent dust and debris from getting into your eyes and nose.

When cleaning your chimney, you can use a plastic tarp to keep your floor clean. You need to ensure that the tarp fully covers your floor as well as the fireplace. Some of the chimney cleaning tools include the brushes and vacuum cleaner.

When you are ready to start your cleaning, you need to start off by sealing your fireplace to prevent accumulation of waste. You then have to start your cleaning by cleaning the top of your chimney all the way downwards. You may have to climb the roof of your home using your ladder. Brush your chimney to remove the layered dust and debris until you reach the creosote itself. You need to use a brush that has a reasonable diameter. You should clean your chimney at least once a year.

There are ways in which you can make your annual chimney cleaning processes easier, for example, using a chimney liner. A chimney liner will attract the combustion products and cause them out of the flue. What is more, a chimney liner will prevent the accumulation of debris on your chimney.

You can even choose to order your chimney liner from firms such as the Chimney Liner Pro. Chimney Liner Pro services will also help you with extra services such installation of a chimney liner.