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A Guide to Child Safety

There are numerous kids who get involved in accidents with negative repercussions. Unintentional accidents cannot be predicted and prevented. However lots of injuries are intentional in that they can be predicted and prevented. Injury prevention involve actions that stop an injuries event from occurring. After the accident injury control such as seeking guidance from Patino Law firm is done to minimize the fatality.

Most of childhood trauma is caused by falling when in their residential places. Fatal accidents from falls are common when the child gets to fall down from a raised to a lower place as is common with stairs. Accidents where there is a fall from a raised to low place can cause the child to get deformation that sticks for a lifetime. Having a ground that is damaged worsen the accidents from falls.
Many kids also easily drown in water despite such accident being highly preventable. Kids do not necessarily need vast amount of water such as a river for them to drown. A child can drown even in a bathing tab of three centimeters deep hence the need for extra caution. The possibility of such an injury can be minimized by ensuring that there is no water left open at home.

Children are more susceptible to burning due to their sensitive skin. Even a substance that is not very hot as tasted by an adult can still cause burning injury to an infant. The area in which a child is most likely to get an injury is around the kitchen and therefore it is important to place a door. It is the responsibility of the adult to teach the child how to maintain safety while in the kitchen prior to asking them to help with preparation of food.

Injuries can also come from consumption of contaminated substances. Drugs and other chemical substances need to be hidden to place where the children cannot access. Plants around the compound can also be poisonous to the children.
Babies often chock when still learning to eat and drink. Children can even endanger themselves from chocking if they decide to eat coins or other substances that are risky. If a child is eating fish it is important to ensure that they don’t have bones which can cause choking. Plastic bags are very dangerous as they can chock a child to the point of killing them.

Playground injuries are also common especially for school going children. The areas where children play should be assessed from time to time to ensure that the risks have been removed. It is vital to have signs at the playground that guides children as well as using equipment’s that are specified for their age.

In case of intentional accidence the guardians of the child can face legal suing. The Patino Law firm offers special protection to injured victims.