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Advancing the Technology in Patient Care

It is evident that the medical world lags behind when it comes to the use of information technology. This does not marry with what is happening in other parts of the world. The business world has taken up technology so much that it is possible to track everything that concerns a company simply using information technology. But when you go to a doctor’s office, you still have to use the old method of data collection. This does not save you on your next visit, when you have to do it all over again. In case of emergencies, things can get complicated. There is always the risk that you may get wrongly medicated, or put on drugs that might react with what you are currently on.

There has to be an end to this. It is a good thing then that such plans are underway. The government is closely supporting all efforts by medical communities to get the process of ensuring medical data is made digital and available to those quarters that might be in need of it. Health Information Exchange is the result of these efforts. This program shall enable doctors to share patient information in a way that preserves the confidentiality that has always been assured of the patient. HIE has already had success in healthcare settings. An example of how it works is when your doctor refers you to another one. They then ensure the specialist has the relevant information before your appointment. This system would enable the specialist to know what to look for and understand you better, to give you the most effective medical care. It is also a way of saving so much time.

HIE software is also applicable when it comes to clinical trials. There are many diseases in which clinical trials are a constant. HIE software makes it possible to collect all the findings from these trials and enable the researchers to make sound decisions based on so much data that can easily be crosschecked and so much learned from it. This also makes the issue of tracking an epidemic a more manageable prospect. History shows us the confusion that surrounded the discovery of HIV. Had there been HIE software operational back then, the process of containing it world have perhaps been successful.

HIE software also preserves the identity of the patients whose data might be needed. The base of this program is to ensure the safe storage and transmission of patient data. The patients have the right to dictate what information can be shared. This is especially connected to any personal information. You can see so much hope when consultants like Advances in Management use their resources to enable every player make HIE interoperability something that is real.