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The Best Way to Respect Nature when Camping

Camping has always been a fun activity that entails you staying out all night, even for a few days. It has an element of adventure and danger to it. It has a primal connection to nature, as an activity.

People tend to interfere with nature when they are camping, with few caring to make it a positive one. There are those who will cut down a tree, and others who will use it as a dumpsite.

As much as camping is fun, it is even more so when you leave behind a better environment than you found. You can do certain things to help this process along.

At some point, you will need to go for a call of nature. You need a way of going that will not impact negatively on the environment.

Most of the regular campsites have toilets erected for this purpose. This makes it easy for those present there to go. For those further deep in nature, things can get complicated. You need to have carried toilet paper, and find a spot that is far from any water source. Dig a hole at least a foot deep, do your business, then ensure you cover it properly. Put the used toilet paper in a polythene bag you brought along, for disposal in an appropriate receptacle later.

You are likely to encounter bugs while out camping. You are advised to carry a bug spray, but only one that is non-toxic. Toxic sprays will harm the water, air, and animals present, you included.

All the items you bring for the camping period need to be ones you can carry back when you are done. You can rely on your scouting period knowledge. For instance, the woven labels HK will play a major role at this point.

You should carry a small portable and foldable basin and biodegradable soap. You need to also have a breathable bag for all those napkins you will not be recycling. Have also cutlery and cooking implements you can keep reusing along the trip.

The decisions to go green is for the betterment of the environment, without eliminating your ability to enjoy yourself. You will have a positive impact on the environment, or not affect it too much, at least.

Take nothing away from the trip but happy memories. Whether you were there for recreation or scouting purposes, it should not be glaringly apparent that people made their way through nature and left in their wake destruction.

Do not spoil it by setting fires, cutting down trees or the greenery. Do not move any stones, or make the water dirty. Respect the environment.