Cane Bay Partners Making a Difference

Business professionals desire to improve their overall results in the marketplace. Working with a consulting firm that can assist with risk management and proven strategies based on analytical data will free up time and streamline results. They are helping companies from wasting millions of dollars on things that can be avoided. Their extensive experience with information technology and financial modeling, the team at Cane Bay will help set you up for success and keep you from making mistakes that could be detrimental to your business.


Cane Bay Partners provides some different services to their clients. They offer management consulting, product development, portfolio management, service provider analysis and collections modeling. Clients in the financial sector seek to improve their results with an experienced company that will guide them based on experience and analytical data.

Competitive Edge

Cane Bay strives to form actual relationships with their clients. They dig beneath the surface to fully understands their client’s needs. If something needs to be analyzed, they will look at the data and make the client aware of the findings. If something needs to be addressed, it gets attention and resolutions are created. They take the time to get to know their client which is what makes them stand out from their competition.


Located in Christiansted, St. Croix, this consulting agency is helping the economic growth and stability of the United States Virgin Islands. After the 2017 hurricanes battered the Virgin Islands, Cane Bay’s partners and employees were on the forefront of responding and providing aid. They care about philanthropy and are interested in their community and making it better.

Cane Bay Cares

The two international businessmen who started this consulting company in 2009 felt compelled to start Cane Bay Cares after the hurricanes left the island of St. Croix devastated in 2017. Cane Bay Cares is a charity operated by fundraisers, and they pledge to match the first 200,000 of donations. The donations go directly to helping the residents who are struggling with basic needs such as food and water and to restoring the community. They are proud to be a part of helping their community while it is in need.